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Outdoor fuse cut out is suitable for the voltage from 15kV to 33kV, to protect distribution line and distribution transformer against overload and short-circuit damage, as well as disconnecting equipment. It has main features below:

1. Furnished with Arc-shortening rod (Extending rod) according to the voltage rating of fuse cut out, enlarging the breaking capacity;
2. Advanced design of fuse tube; It's easy to install and uninstall the fuse link.
3. Reliable and efficient current-carry path;
4. All metal parts are treated by the special procedure to free erosion and rust.
5.All technical performance are compliance with GB/T15166.3, IEC282-2 and ANSI/IEEE37.41.


Main Technical Parameters:
Rated Voltage: 27kv
Rated Current: 100A
Breaking Current: 10kA
Impulse Voltage: 150BIL
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage: 80kv
Creepage Distance: 490mm

External Dimentions: 50x37x11cm

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